Candidate Testimonials

The opportunity Pinnacle Placements presented to me made me stop and consider a major career change. I have been contacted by multiple search firms over the years, but even from the first phone call I felt that something was different with Pinnacle. I was particularly impressed with their diligence and their follow-up, but it is their open communication, preparation, and obvious concern that the opportunity was a fit for both me and the employer that made me feel completely comfortable through the entire process, not as though I was a means to an end. I highly recommend Pinnacle Placements, a quality recruitment firm which represents quality companies and opportunities.
– District Manager, Contractual Security Firm

After a long career in public service, I needed some guidance as I considered a variety of roles in private business. Pinnacle Placements’ patience and support assisted me greatly in determining what types of opportunities I was qualified for. Pinnacle provided the resources to determine my market value and was careful not to over- or under-represent anything about the position, while equally representing both the employer and me through all phases of the process. Since accepting my position, Pinnacle has stayed in touch to ensure that my transition process went well and has shown tremendous personal interest in my long term career success. The best compliment that I can give is that as a hiring authority within my new organization, when I have needed help, I have turned to Pinnacle for my recruitment needs.
– Senior Vice President – International Operations, Security Services Firm

In reality, a placement firm has two clients: the company and the potential employee. At first, knowing this made me skeptical about which client’s interests would be put first. To my satisfaction, Pinnacle made all our interests equally important in making a mutually beneficial placement. As the potential employee, I was never given the impression that I was less important. Pinnacle worked hard to earn my trust and has kept it.

Pinnacle was equally selective as I was in finding the right company for me. Far from just trying to get me a “job”, they took the time to understand my career goals and objectives. Our discussions about opportunities were open and frank, detailing the advantages and potential disadvantages. Rather than attempting to persuade my decision with their opinions; Pinnacle sought to satisfy my concerns with facts and were always willing to request additional information from the company. Integrity and honesty defined the entire process. Although I am very pleased with my company and career path since working with Pinnacle, I would be delighted to have the opportunity to work with them again if there should ever be a need.
– Regional Director, Business Development, Contractual Security Firm

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