How We Work

Pinnacle Placements provides our client partners with full service, comprehensive executive recruiting resources.

We have closely studied the principles and processes normally applied in the search industry and we believe that in order to hire superior people, you must first define superior performance. Ask yourself, how is a search usually conducted? You create a job description that includes a “wish list” of elements you think the ideal candidate should have. Then, you begin to compromise when you fail to find all of those requirements in a single candidate.

Our Superior Search Process

This is where Pinnacle Placements offers tremendous value to its partners. With each search, we design a Superior Performance Profile. Instead of a wish list that only describes a person whom you hope can do the job, we think it is more important to describe the results you are seeking and the values of those whom you seek. Then, the background of the person best suited for your team becomes obvious. Someone who has proven, through comparable experience, that they can deliver the results define Superior Performance. With a completed profile, we will then utilize our resources to identify and attract these Superior Performers for your consideration.

We strive within the executive search industry to raise the bar on the quality of search execution, and to exceed even our most demanding client’s expectations.

We follow strict ethical standards throughout the search process, and with every point of decision, we use our research, technology, global relationships and network of security management leaders to identify a broad spectrum of potential candidates.

Aligning our Best Practices with our Clients Needs

At Pinnacle Placements, we gear our behavior based upon our primary mission statement… Do what is in our client’s best interests. While on the surface this should not seem to be a novel idea, the executive search industry overall largely judges success based on one criteria only, and that is billed and collected revenue. It is our view at Pinnacle Placements, that we should be guided by a range of criteria which our clients view as important to include speed of execution, quality candidate assessments, repeat business (reflection of a strong relationship), a mutual feeling of commitment and partnership, and multiple placements.

Within our firm, we are dedicated to continually enhancing our best practices methodologies, and overseeing the subsequent impact and accountabilities on every single assignment. We prioritize the need to get out of the blocks quickly on each and every assignment, while keeping our actions aligned with our client-partner’s interests. In the area of research, Pinnacle strongly believes in maintaining superior resources and technology.

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