Our Commitment

Our client commitment and mission statement

Our mission is to help our clients identify, qualify and attract exceptionally talented security professionals who can make a significant, measurable and truly positive impact on corporate performance and value.  Pinnacle Placements is committed to doing what is in our client’s best interest and in earning their trust and respect as security recruiters.

The true cost of a bad hire puts the search for security management professionals into clear perspective. That is why our successful search methods—together with our broad industry network, timely search execution, professional representation and commitment to ethical practices and cost effective results—has proven so valuable in our clients’ experience.

We bring not only a track record of introducing clients to security management with the right blend of skills, vision and experience, but also the kind of careful, diligent sourcing and assessment process that ensures your organization will not make the kind of costly hiring mistake that can hamper performance and disrupt corporate culture.

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