David Lammert, President

“I am passionate about providing my clients with the best experience possible.”

This experience has given reputable companies in the Security Industry the people they need to solve problems, increase market penetration and reach ambitious, competitive goals.

Prior to founding Pinnacle Placements, David was the Security Services recruitment specialist for Search West, an established leader in the professional search industry. David comes by his focus on the security industry partially through a family history in law enforcement and security. “My grandfather was Chief of Police in my hometown and attended the FBI training academy,” he explains.

David earned his B.S. in Criminal Justice and Political Science from the University of Nebraska, 1985. He is an Associate Member of the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS).

“I seek to develop a long-term professional relationship with my clients, not just a one time placement,” comments David. “The hiring process is like putting together a puzzle. My access to the best people already productively working with industry competitors can make that process quick and efficient. But it all begins by thoroughly learning my client’s product and service offerings, corporate structure and objectives. This, I find, enables me to develop a true partnership with them.”

David Lammert is an ally to his clients, working to attract the highest quality talent in the security industry. When you have an important job to fill, he has the skills, knowledge and industry networks to deliver the talent that will take you where you want to go.

David Lammert, President

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